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Our commitment to Sustainable Spending

Using Pace will always be about spending within your means, with full transparency & control. Splitting your payments doesn’t mean spending more. It means choosing how you want to pay for the things you need.

Spending within your means

A Buy Limit unique
to every shopper

Every shopper is different, which is why we give everyone a Buy Limit that is most suitable for them, so they avoid overspending.


View all your
payments at any time

With the Pace app, you get full transparency over all your payments, so you know how much more you can afford to spend.

Pay early with any
amount at any time

You’re never locked in to your instalments. Whether you want to pay early or pay on time, you get to manage your finances in a way that suits you.

Promises that we stand by

Interest-free instalments.

Using Pace means paying less, because there are no hidden fees. It also means paying flexibly, not spending more. And with your personalised Buy Limit, you spend only within your means.

Full transparency.

Tracking your purchases is as simple as loading the Pace app. In one glance, you know exactly what you've bought, and which payments are due. With greater transparency, you're empowered to manage your finances even better.

No fees for using Pace.

Our business is built on the fintech solutions that we provide to companies around the world, and we will always be a free service for shoppers. There will be no fees for using Pace. Ever.

We help you avoid late fees.

Late fees are there to encourage healthy spending habits, and this will always be our intention. That’s why we send payment reminders and payment alerts, and inform you whenever your payment is about to be late. We don’t like late fees, and you shouldn’t like them either.

Find out more about how Pace works.

Write in to and we’ll be in touch.

Get the Pace app



The Fifth Collection


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Payment Method Available

Pay in 3

Payment Method Available

Pay in 3