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Let your business pick up Pace.

Whether you’re a digital-first online shop, brick-and-mortar retailer or a bit of both, Pace lets your customers enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences that go easy on the wallet, while you boost conversions and basket sizes for your business. No setup fees, get paid upfront, access plenty of benefits across our Pace network. Ready to talk shop?
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Unlock business
more than usual.

Reach wider, sell better and connect smarter — we’re here to open up more doors for you and your customers.


and counting




Gen Z and
Millennial shoppers


growth in monthly
active shoppers

Pace partner privileges.

Sell more, pay less. Grow your business and gain access to more insights and opportunities as a Pace merchant partner.
Here’s one proof of a good surprise. Paying with Pace has its (additional) perks. Pace Perks, to be exact. Earn points for your purchases when you pay with Pace, and convert them to discounts for your purchases. It’s savings for the future, when you shop today.

See increased cart sizes
and checkouts

Your customers receive a boost in their purchasing power without you having to dish out heavy discounts on your products.

Gain access to
new customers

Be discovered by a fresh pool of customers who shop with Pace on our website, app, or as a part of exclusive promotions and offers.

Get paid

While your customers pay in instalments, you receive full payment just days after the purchase is completed.

No upfront
set up fee

We’ll work with you to get started and won’t charge a cent for it, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Risk-free &

We’ll take care of payments, KYC and fraud-detection, with no risk to you or your business.

Seamless check out experience

Let us integrate with your business without disruption to existing purchase flows.

See how Pace
works for your business

Customers make a purchase with Pace
online or in-store.
Your settlement comes in within 2
working days.
Log in to your merchant portal to see the status of transactions and settlements.
Integrating Pace is simple. No matter the size or type of business you do, we’ll work with you to implement Pace on your online shops or in your retail outlets. It’s effortless because it should be.
Available on these platforms and more

Don’t just
hear it from us.

We could go on telling you why we can help to boost your business, but don’t take our word for it. We’re happy to share what some of our merchant partners have to say.
...With Pace’s BNPL solution, we can offer a wider range of payment solutions and allow our guests to enjoy much-deserved rest and relaxation with the Shangri-La experience in a flexible and convenient manner.
With Pace, we’ll be adding another safe and secure payment option for our customers in Southeast Asia. ZALORA is committed to providing our shoppers more options as the region continues to embrace digital retail for all their fashion and lifestyle needs.
We are excited about this partnership, which will allow us to extend a new flexible payment option to our customers. With Pace’s simple, accessible and transparent interface that gives users control over their budgeting and expenditure, we also hope to empower our customers to practise sustainable spending.
...With Pace, AsiaPay's merchants' customers now have a new payment option during their check-out process through the easy and simple-to-follow check-out process. Additionally, Pace users can now access a wide range of merchants (using AsiaPay's services), giving them a more flexible alternative that boosts customer experience.

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We’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Promise.
Not a business? Contact our support team at
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Payment Method Available

Pay in 3